If you`re an avid crossword solver, then you know that sometimes, clues can be a bit tricky to figure out. One such clue that may have stumped you in the past is “agreement on old composition.” Fortunately, with a bit of research and knowledge of crossword conventions, this clue can be decoded and solved.

Firstly, let`s break down the clue. “Agreement” likely means that we`re looking for a word that means “consensus” or “harmony.” “Old composition” is a bit more difficult to pinpoint, but it could refer to a piece of music from a bygone era or a written work from a previous century.

Next, let`s consider the length of the answer. It`s important to note whether the answer is a single word or a phrase. In this case, the clue doesn`t indicate a specific number of letters, so we`ll need to rely on the intersecting letters of other answers to help us narrow down the possibilities.

Using a crossword solver website or app can also be helpful in generating potential answers. For example, plugging in the letters of intersecting words and using asterisks to denote unknown letters (*o***o*****) could suggest the word “homophony,” which means a composition or passage in which all the parts have the same rhythm and melody.

Another possible answer is “harmony,” which fits the definition of agreement and could be associated with old compositions.

It`s worth noting that with crossword clues, there can often be more than one correct answer. So, if “homophony” or “harmony” doesn`t fit with the other intersecting words, then consider other possible answers that may fit the bill.

In conclusion, deciphering crossword clues can be a fun and challenging pastime. With a bit of knowledge and a willingness to think outside the box, any crossword aficionado can tackle even the trickiest clues, such as “agreement on old composition.” Happy solving!