Carson Wentz, the former quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, signed a new contract on June 7, 2019. The four-year extension is worth $128 million and includes $107.9 million in guaranteed money. The deal also includes a $16.4 million signing bonus.

Wentz had an impressive season in 2017 before being sideline due to a torn ACL. Despite being injured, he led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory that year. In 2018, he played in all 16 games but struggled with consistency and accuracy.

The new contract shows the Eagles` confidence in Wentz`s abilities and his potential to lead the team for years to come. It also resets the market for quarterbacks, as Wentz`s contract is the largest in NFL history in terms of guaranteed money.

Some critics have raised concerns over Wentz`s injury history, as he has missed significant time due to injuries in each of his first three seasons in the league. However, the Eagles have expressed confidence in their medical staff and Wentz`s ability to stay healthy.

The signing of the new contract also marks a new chapter for Wentz, as he is now the undisputed face of the Eagles franchise. With the departure of backup quarterback Nick Foles, Wentz will be under even more pressure to perform and lead the team to success.

In conclusion, Carson Wentz signed his new contract on June 7, 2019, solidifying his place as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and resetting the market for NFL quarterbacks. His injury history is a concern, but the Eagles have shown faith in his ability to stay healthy and lead the team to success.