The letter W is a combination of two V’s – i.e., a dual power of victory. It also starting letter of Wolf, our favorite emblem!

Our company’s policy and purpose is to become successful by making clients (mainly the youth) successful in their respective chosen fields of expertise or working.

We want to instill a Wolf (a go-getter) attitude and remove passive behavior in getting success in life. Once this attitude is built, a student or a working professional will never afraid of a failure – he will try his best to  survive and thrive in any ecosystem. Our training programs ooze confidence – and help the trainees to realize their inner self and unleash their potential to perform in their personal and professional life.

OUR FOUNDER – Pavan Kumar Dontharaju

Pavan has a master’s degree in business administration from GITAM, a prestigious deemed university in Visakhapatnam. He has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing in top Indian firms, such as ACC, Bharti Airtel and Dalmia Bharat. Now pavan is managing director of Dontharaju training and development consultants private limited located in hyderabad.

After tasting a successful career in sales and marketing in a career spanning a decade, he decided to become an entrepreneur and started his own cement trading business. In the start-up phase he became immensely successful and ringed registers for his cement companies. He shined as one of the top traders in his area in a short span. The backbone of this success was his ‘go-getting’ attitude and ‘never give-up’ mindset. He is a man who believes one shall be ready to survive any ecosystem.

Pavan received his sales and marketing skills from hard core work experience of 10 years in all levels from trainee to manager. He is trained by  Dale Carnegie institute, a top-class global management training firm well-known for training the likes of Warren Buffet,one of the world’s richest persons and acquired business management skills (GUERILLA BUSINESS INTENSIVE) and personality development training skills from international trainers like Alex Mandossian, California and Mac Atrum , UK. During his work span and after becoming entrepreneur, Pavan trained a number of students making them comfortable with various skill sets related to sales and marketing, personality development, entrepreneurship and data reading skills for traders in stock markets.

Pavan is a certified equity derivatives trader and a certified research analyst. He received his NISM certification as per the guidelines prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which is the capital markets regulator.

Pavan is currently working on teaching data reading skills and personality development to empower youth to become self-confident, so that they can hunt for their food every day like a Wolf.